pokensLet’s face it, why don’t you Poken? Here in The Netherlands having a Poken isn’t common (yet). That’s a sad thing, because it’s so easy and straight forward to connect to people. I recently bought a Poken Pulse Stripe City which is also a 2 GB USB Flash drive. That’s enough for me to store my source code.

I think that there are two reasons why Pokens are not common in The Netherlands yet.

  1. Pokens are not promoted enough in The Netherlands
  2. The main social media network in The Netherlands is Hyves and it was n0t properly supported around April 2009. If Hyves would promote Pokens, it would surely boost the brand in Holland




I really hope that Pokens become more popular over time in The Netherlands. The whole concept is great of sharing more contact info then with old fashion business cards and even faster. It allows you to download a vcard of a contact and import it into your Outlook contacts.

I stumbled upon this great slideshow about pokens:



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