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visual studio 2012 build menu

When you build your solution (or press CTRL+SHIFT+B) in Visual Studio, the output window shows up. Mine was cluttered with ‘warning CS1591: Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member’ warnings. This makes it less valuable/readable for debugging and optimizing your project/solution.

visual studio 2012 output window

[more]As you might have noticed, I have included a reference to the PayPal service. Which is one of the reasons that there is a lot of XML comments missing. (not my fault, lol)

If you are wondering what XML comments are, please view this 5 minute tutorial to use SandCastle to build HTML documentation for your source code.

/// <summary>
/// A guy with a name, age and a wallet full of bucks
/// </summary>
public class Guy
    // ... etc.


To disable those warnings in your build output window press alt+enter to get the solution/project properties. Go to the build tab on the left and fill in “1591” to suppress this specific compiler warning.

visual studio project properties build

This gives you less warnings in the build output window. Of course you can add more warnings to suppress. These are for suppressing missing/bad XML documentation annotations:

  • 1570 - XML comment on 'construct' has badly formed XML
  • 1571 - XML comment on 'construct' has a duplicate param tag for 'parameter'
  • 1572 - XML comment on 'construct' has a param tag for 'parameter', but there is no parameter by that name
  • 1573 - Parameter 'parameter' has no matching param tag in the XML comment for 'parameter' (but other parameters do)
  • 1591 - Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member 'Type_or_Member'
  • 1592 - Badly formed XML in included comments file

* source: MSDN

Happy coding!

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