Since I am a C# web developer, I use my browser daily euhhh hourly! I use Firefox because of various add-ons. I’ve upgraded recently to Firefox 3.6.6 and Flash and it became unstable. I submitted several bug reports through the special Mozilla feedback window that pops up after a crash. After a few days there was still no update available so I had the feeling that I was on my own with this bug…

I decided to talk to some of the developers of Firefox on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

off course with ChatZilla as IRC client (another amazing Firefox add-on)

the address to visit the Firefox IRC Channel is: irc://irc.mozilla.org/firefox (found it on http://irc.mozilla.org/ ) [more]

I got help from ‘Mardeg’ on IRC. He pointed out that I had to type in about:crashes

in my address bar. I already know about:config. but I had to use the about:crashes and press the link to view the bug report.

He looked at the link that I provided and suggested me to go to about:config and filter for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll and double-click the line listing that preference to change the value to false.

that setting made sure that add-ons like acrobat reader and adobe flash do not run in their own process. it didn’t fix the crash. so I decided to set dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to true. so that each add-on has it’s own process and couldn’t kill Firefox (in theory).

it kept crashing and Mardeg looked at my about:plugins and suggested to switch some stuff off for testing. apparently it was the mouse gestures 3.0.2 add-on (from http://www.mousegestures.org/ ) that  made my Firefox crash!

The developer from mouse gestures released updates outside of AMO (Add-ons Mozilla Org) https://addons.mozilla.org 

Since then, I will never trust add-ons from outside of AMO again!

So the punch line of today is: don’t be a fool, stay on AMO!

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