Windows 8 consumer preview release

A consumer preview of Windows 8 has been released. I really recommend checking it out. I have seen it run on several ultra books (from about 700 euro’s each) and it ran great! So you don’t need a 2000 euro machine to run it and play around with the new metro interface.

I have written earlier about the developer preview, but this release contains over 100.000 changes and a newer version of internet explorer. As web developer it’s always nice to test web applications with the latest browsers.

Visual Studio 11

I am currently installing Visual Studio 11 (thank god semantic versioning, otherwise it would have been vs2012) even the installer is great! The animations are even smooth on my machine. Thanks WPF!

You can install vs11 side by side with vs2010. It does not affect .Net 4 framework or anything else. With vs11 you can checkout .Net 4.5 with MVC4 and the new WebAPI. Also the new VS11 look with the new shortcuts.

This video shows a lot of tips and tricks which you can do already in vs2010 and some new once introduced in 11.

Also check out the video about all the new features that come along with vs11 and asp.net 4.5. That saves me a lot of typing.

Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Express Beta

A lot of people do not mention this release from yesterday. I think it is great, because I work in a small team (less then 5 members) and I love to have source code in a source control system. (in case hard drive fails etc.) Of course it has a lot of advantages, but I am not going to mention them.

Please checkout this free express TFS version. My main reason is: it’s free and for small devgroups.

So now you have enough releases to download, install and explore!


Good luck coding!


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