This blog is online since April 2010 and has suffered from the Google Penguin update. The Blog has been on shared hosting since the beginning. But the shared hosting price plan is static and the Windows Azure price plan is based on how much you use it. So in my case, it will be cheaper to move to the cloud and azure also makes my blog more available.

This screenshot from Google Analytics once again proves that Google Penguin update did harm my blog’s traffic (24 April 2012)


Somehow my Blogengine.net 2.7 and also 2.8 installation on shared hosting keep getting errors which caused the IIS application pool to crash. It did not auto restart, so I had to bother the hosting company every two weeks to restart it manually. My installation keeps getting errors and I still need to look in for that, but Azure keeps working.

So I downloaded everything by ftp from the shared hosting and uploaded it on the azure hosting. When I hit my site by clicking on the url in the azure portal it failed to launch. So I’d reconnect with ftp and downloaded the errorlog.xml from azure.

I opened it in notepad++ which has XML syntax highlighting and it was the first event (when I clicked plugins –> xml tools –> pretty xml)


error CS0433: The type 'System.Web.WebPages.HelperPage' exists in both

So I opened the web.config of blogengine and went down to the assemblies and commented out the last three. Reuploaded the web.config and the BlogEngine installation runs fine!


There was also an issue with the SMTP settings. So I googled for the smtp settings of gmail as smtp provider for blogengine and found out that the port 467 is not the correct one!

You need this XML for your web.config in order to get the smtp of gmail to work:

    <smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="capsoft@gmail.com">

This page in the Blogengine discussion board pointed me in the right direction.


Good luck!

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