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Our company acquired a brand new database server with 12 gig’s of RAM. It’s really cool, but unfortunately I have to do the migration…

I started with upgrading our test server which is in our LAN. It was running SQL 2005 standard and I wanted to upgrade it to SQL 2008 standard.SQL Server Installation Center

You should expect the worse case scenario when doing stuff like this, but apparently Microsoft did an amazing thing with the installation wizard. If you insert the SQL 2008 DVD it starts to copy the required files for the installation. After that you normally select ‘install new instance’ but there was this ‘Upgrade from 2000 or 2005’ option!


[more]It’s under ‘installation’ and then the forth option: ‘upgrade from SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005

The next task was to migrate the SQL 2005 production database to our brand new server which has SQL 2008 installed. All I did was fire up the ‘Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio’ and chose ‘Task –> Backup’ when I right clicked the database. Then i just wrote the whole DB to a *.bak file and rarred it with WinRar to reduce the file size by 80%! Then i moved it to the new server which is accessible by LAN and restored it there.

All there was left for me to do was re-creating users and giving them the correct roles. Now the next task for me is to migrate the Jobs that I had scheduled in the SQL Server Agent…

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