Apple’s keynote was yesterday and revealed the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Apple watch and Apple pay. (Note: no iPay and iWatch) But I was a bit disappointed about the iPhone 6. It is not that high end as you would expect for the price that they charge. I know that in the USA about 30% of the people have an iPhone, but in the rest of the world it is about 10% market share. iOs is at this moment the number two mobile operating system and in Italy is it nr 3. Please do not get me wrong, I really like apple products and the fact that they make a lot of not technical people think about options. Before Apple was popular in the Netherlands everybody just went with Windows and did not consider other options (mac, bsd, linux etc.) So let’s just compare the iPhone 6 with the Lumia 830:

iPhone 6Lumia 830
iOs 8Windows Phone 8.1 with Denim update
4.7 inch5 inch
4g lte4g lte
1334 x 7501280 x 720
no ois
Optical image stabilization
1.2mp front cam0.9 mp front cam
no wireless chargingwireless charging
fingerprint readerno fingerprint reader
16 gb16 gb
no expansionmicro sd
799 usd426 usd

A few questions you have to ask yourself

There are a few questions you have to ask yourself when you are spending at least 800 dollar.

A 64gb micro sd is available for about 26 euro and 128gb is 88 euro. Retail price that is. How much would Apple pay for the extra storage? Is it worth 100 dollar to double the storage?

The camera of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus is only 8mp. The plus has optical image stabilization, but the regular iPhone 6 has not.

If you do not want Windows Phone, you can Also consider Android (of course) 4.4 with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It has a fingerprint reader, can have wireless charging with an extra cover. has a 16mp camera and you can expend the storage with micro SD. It is (in the Netherlands) available from 450 euro. Which is almost half the price of an iPhone 6 (800 dollar minimum).</p><p>As I said before, I really like Apple products, but I believe that Apple has out priced themselves. I would have expected more hardware or lower prices or a combination of both. What do you think dear reader? Don’t compare the CPU and RAM, because that is tied to how a mobile operating system manages it and can only be “measured” by a lagging interface, which is not the case at either iPhone6, Nokia and Samsung models mentioned above. The iPhone 6 was just announced yesterday, so I do not have hands on experience and if I have missed a thing or two, let me know!
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