Well it all started with having the router dropping my connection a lot. it happens almost every 5 minutes. So I started with some research to verify that it really dropped my connection. I did a ping to the router to see if it kept responding:

ping –t

After ten pings, I noticed there where "request timeouts"

So the conclusion was that the router needed new firmware. There were no newer versions available.

As firmware alternatives, I’ve searched for

After creating a list with alternative firmware, I started to look which support the Linksys WRT320N.

The only suitable firmware was DD-WRT according to the supported router database.

[more] Next thing was comparing the different versions of DD-WRT.

I had six choices:

  1. Linksys special for TFTP
  2. Mega generic
  3. Mini generic
  4. Standard USB FTP generic
  5. VPN generic
  6. VOIP generic

Since I do not use VPN or VOIP on my router and it has no USB and since I was planning to upgrade it through the web interface instead of TFTP. it only left me with the mini generic or mega generic. Mega almost has twice the size of mini, so I’d take a look at http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/What_is_DD-WRT%3F

The extras that mega offered where not needed, so I went for the smaller Mini generic.

After downloading the firmware I had to search for an UTP cable so I can connect my laptop directly to the router.

After my 30/30/30 reset, I could not ping anymore, so I thought I’d bricked my router.

Apparently I had to disconnect everything from the router and only have one UTP in it from my laptop and on my laptop I had to disable all network interfaces except the LAN of course.

My router was available again and all there was left for me to do is to upload the DD-WRT firmware in the web interface and do a 30/30/30 reset again afterwards.

so remember, when you want to upgrade the firmware. disconnect ALL UTP cables except the one that connects your system to the router and disable ALL network interfaces except LAN. also bridged stuff.


good luck upgrading!


p.s. below isn’t my router, just to show you the nice interface and details


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