I have an HTC Desire and I have always liked it (and still do) but there is one (major) downside, it only has 70MB of internal storage for apps. Adobe Flash is over 10mb and so is Google maps, so there is still 50mb left. Whatsapp and Gmail are 15 together so that is still 35mb left. Skype, Facebook is another 15. So after a few basic apps, your internal memory is stuffed. Now I know that android 2.2 (which I officially have thanks to T-mobile) I can move some apps to the SD card. But that is limited for a few apps and you have to move the apps back to the internal memory when you want to update them. As an advanced user, you do want up-to-date apps! [more]

So I have browsed the web for answers and I found on the HTC forum the exact same answer as on an Android forum and that was: install Cyanogen mod. It has the best support for the HTC Desire. Some other mods cannot enable Bluetooth, some mods cannot enable the camera. Cyanogen mod is around for a while and can handle both.

I was a bit afraid to loose my warranty, because installing an other mod/rom requires you to have root access to your device. Also known as ‘unrooting’. But after the 10th time of having insufficient space for updating the basic apps, I decided to give it a go. I had these two apps running for a while: Calltrack and SMS backup which allow me to backup my sms/texts to gmail and my call log.

Here is my how-to in small steps:

- login at Gmail and verify that you have all your contacts, texts, call logs

- copy my pictures to my pc and my mp3 files

- use notepad++ to make a list of my currently installed apps (menu –> configuration –> apps

- EDIT: As Dan pointed out in the comments: Make sure you have HTC Sync on your system or get the drivers from the link he posted in the comments!

- shutdown the phone, start with power and back key pressed. my phone showed me that it is PVT3, so that’s good (PVT4 isn’t)

- go to unrevoked.com and downloaded the v3 version for windows (desire)

- installed the windows hboot usb driver: http://unrevoked.com/rootwiki/doku.php/public/windows_hboot_driver_install 

- run the unrevoked 3, and bam! superuser access. next stop: get the rom manager from the market. the free version is ok.


- open the rom manager and select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

- download the latest radio update from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=687464 the latest when I did it was put the downloaded zip in the root of the SD card

- select boot into recovery from the rom manager

- use the trackball to navigate, select install zip from sdcard

- select choose zip from sdcard, toggle signature verification if needed

- if it is installed, press the back button and select reboot now

- after the reboot, go to the rom manager and select download rom, select the cyanogen mod rom(not nightlies, but the free stable) and choose the latest version. I had the 7.0.3. after the selection do not forget to check the google apps. I did a manual download of the ClockworkMod and the Google apps and moved both zip files to the SD card.

- after the download is finished you press on it in the notification area. you check all checkboxes, so that it will backup your rom, wipe data and cache etc. after the reboot it will do all that and launch up in your fresh installed Cyanogenmod Smile


Enjoy your HTC Desire!

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