I just recently installed DasBlog, the wel known .net open source blog engine. to get it up and running i had to manually edit some *.config files and disable tracing and the trustlevel should not exist in the web.config file, because i have a shared hosting environment.

I really liked dasblog a lot, but i wanted to try out blogengine.net because i heared a lot about it. So I installed it today and guess what... you don't have to edit any config files. The only thing I had to do was to make sure that the app_data dir was writable. the rest is all configured through the webapplication itself! adding a theme was really easy, just decompress the theme and move the folder by ftp to the themes dir and select it in the dropdown. that's all. DasBlog has more theme's packed by default, but BlogEngine made it really easy to add new theme's.

[more]Futhermore I tried to add a widget which i just downloaded in blogengine.net. and again it was just uploading a directory. no config files, just one directory and selecting it again with a dropdown list. i really like blogengine and i am looking forward to work with it some more. :)

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