My blog was offline a few days ago. The IIS application pool stopped. To investigate if it had something to do with my BlogEngine installation, I wanted to install Elmah. That was an easy one. Here is how I did it in just a few steps:

- download your current BlogEngine installation from the remote webserver

- Open it with Visual Studio (open website)

- Run it with Visual Studio to make sure that there are no build errors

- Right click on the solution:


- Select manage NuGet Packages

- Search for Elmah

- Hit install

- Edit the web.config, add

  <allow roles="Administrators"/>
  <deny users="*"/>
Just below
<location path="elmah.axd" inheritInChildApplications="false">

And change

 <security allowRemoteAccess="false"/>

the allow remote access to true.

- Save and upload the new web.config, and upload and overwrite the files from the bin folder.

Only logged in administrators now have access to yourdomain.com/elmah.axd

Good luck!

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