There are still companies out there who use noreply@companyname.com which is wrong imho. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. You won’t get out of office notices, because you are not listening3660230-3568764363-i-am-
  2. Noreply addresses won’t get added to whitelists
  3. In many countries you are obligated to have a working reply-to
  4. It’s arrogant to just shout at someone and do not listen to their side of the story
  5. People will list noreply more as spam because you cannot interact otherwise
  6. No-reply will not end up in the Gmail priority inbox
  7. Some people have e-mail rules to filter out no-reply and ignore them

So reasons enough to use a good ticketing system right? So that you can keep the conversations going. Please keep in mind that the user/customer gave his/her mail address but is not allowed to have yours?

Having a link in your mail is not an option to “reply a mail” and enforce users to fill in long web forms is also not user-friendly.

There are blogs from back in 2008 telling companies not to kill the conversation and use no-reply and there are still in 2014 companies who use it. They should learn a thing or two about being customer friendly and ticketing systems.

Here is a Dutch mail I received which is so general and vague that I wanted to reply, but you can only send a “mail” by clicking an URL Confused smile and it is impossible to send an invoice by email in 2014.


Hope that this post convinces people not to use no-reply anymore and keep the dialogue going with their customers/users. It can give you valid feedback which can be of great value for your company.

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