Yesterday 9 September 2015 a three year old comic became reality:

Jun 19, 2012 source http://hijinksensue.com/comic/surface-tension/ 

Hey, did you hear Microsoft made an iPad? Yeah, you can Google stuff on it with Bing.

Apple released the Ipad Pro. It is a larger screen similar to the surface dimensions and a keyboard in the cover like the surface and has pen input like the surface.

26 oktober 2012 Microsoft released the Surface RT. A tablet with pen input, keyboard cover etc. The OS is not the full Windows version (just like the iPad pro now)

The pro edition of the surface did have a full version.

This is not the first time that apple claims to have a new product. Back in 2000 Bill Gates had a Lenovo tablet with monochrome screen:

Bill Gates tablet 2000

two years later he had a Fujitsu tablet with a color screen and Windows XP (2002)

Bill Gates tablet 2002

Besides tablets, there were mobile devices. PDA’s running Windows Mobile The predecessor of Windows Phone as we know it today.

Pocket pc started around 2000 and became Windows Mobile in 2002. I have had devices with applications to send mail and browse the web. run games etc. before the launch of the first generation of iPhones.

Steve Jobs said back in 2007 when they released the very first iPhone:

“Who wants a stylus? You have to get em', put em' away. You lose them. Yuck.”

“Who wants a stylus?”

But back on topic: the iPad pro is less than I expected. I expected it to run full mac OS X el captain. But the OS is not optimized for touch input. So it seems that Apple will run iOs and OS X side by side for a few more years. Microsoft made the step when moved from Windows Phone 7 to 8 to run everything on the same kernel. It is a hard step. A lot of people fell over it. But it was necessary and really inevitable. But today all (or almost all) Windows Phone 8.x devices will have the Windows 10 update and will run the same apps on their phone as on their laptop/desktop as on their Xbox. This whole concept will be copied by Apple in a year or two maybe three and will be sold like they invented it.

Please do not get me wrong, I like Apple and like their design, usability and the way that the hardware is sold together with the software. The way they update their mobile devices. I like that more then Androids by the way. But the thing that I dislike is that their marketing is so good that less tech aware people believe that Apple invented the wheel and those people share their view with even more tech aware people who assume they are right. But when the Apple fans encounter someone with more technical knowledge they often avoid a discussion.

Let me know your point of view in the comments below.

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Surface 3 vs Surface Pro 3 costs

As a proud Surface Pro 3 user, I would like to point out why the Surface 3 (not pro) won’t make it in the Netherlands. There has been a dutch review on tweakers.net http://tweakers.net/reviews/4001/microsoft-surface-3-review-degelijke-tablet-met-een-hoge-prijs.html and they gave the device a 6 (on a scale from 1 to 10) and after over 300 comments, they changed it to a 7.

The Surface 3 is 499 in the USA. In the Netherlands, that is 599 euros inc VAT (btw) a typecover is 149 and a pen is also 49. That makes a total of 797 euro. It is 609 euro at the microsoft store (without pen and cover)

So 797 for 64gb entry level surface 3 and 729 + 149 + 49 = 927 for the 128gb variant.

The 64 gb variant has 2gb while the surface pro has an i3 and 4gb ram for 738 euro ex cover (867 inc cover and pen) that is a 70 euro difference.

When you compare the 128gb model: the pro has an i5 for 949 + 129 (cover) = 1078 euro vs the non-pro: 927 makes a 151 euro difference for an i5 cpu and both having 4gb ram.


iPad Air 2 costs

the 64gb version is 539 euro

the 128gb version is 664 euro

The keyboards from Logitech are around 90 euro and there is no real pen/stylus option. so the 64gb will be 629 inc cover and the 128gb will be 754 euro. compared to the surface 3, people will buy Apple products even though they cannot really multitask or use a pen/stylus.



I think that the Dutch consumer won’t buy the awesome device just because of the price difference and the current Apple hype. If the price drops, I would really recommend this device to people. Definitely because the upcoming release of Windows 10 and the free upgrade. I will stay a happy and proud Surface Pro 3 user and would not switch for a million. I hope this helps people make a decision purely based on prices. Would be great to see a surface 3 price drop in the Netherlands. That would change everything.

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The Surface 3 pro will be available in 5 different versions:Surface Pro 3

  • 64Gb  i3 cpu 4gb ram €  819,-
  • 128Gb i5 cpu 4gb ram € 1019,-
  • 256Gb i5 cpu 8gb ram € 1319,-
  • 256Gb i7 cpu 8gb ram € 1569,-
  • 512Gb i7 cpu 8gb ram € 1969,-

These prices are Dutch and include VAT. I have read about the difference in RAM not on the Microsoft website but at the zdnet site.

For an awesome development setup you really want an external 4k monitor. The Surface 3 Pro should be able to output 4k which is at least 3840 * 2160 according to Wikipedia. The cheapest 4k monitor in the Netherlands is this Samsung for € 600,- 

U28D590D 4 R Perspective Black

Microsoft also has an dockingstation available which is really required if you work behind your desk all day and commute with the Surface. There is no final price info for it in euro’s but I expect it to be € 200,-. It has 3 usb 3 ports, 2 usb 2 ports, ethernet and audio. We will have to wait until the 20th of June for more detailed info.

For commuting you’ll want a cover. Type- or touchcover depends on your preference. But that is an additional 120 or 130 euro’s.

To connect an external monitor you need an adapter. For my full High definition monitor that’s an mini display port to HDMI. For the mega-awesome 4K Samsung that is a mini-display to display port.

As developer you really want to have at least 8gb ram in your device, so to round up:

Surface 3 pro with i5, 8gb ram and 256gb storage  € 1319,-

Touch or type cover € 120,-

Docking station € 200,-

Display adapter for my Full HD display (mini dp to hdmi) € 15,-

Samsung monitor € 600,- (optional perhaps stick with 1080p full hd display first)

Display adapter (mini dp to dp) € 13,-

I already have a nice Logitech K800 wireless keyboard with darkfield mouse. So total investment without the awesome 4k display would be € 1654,- (without cable 1639)

If you would buy it in the states it would be:

  • Surface        $ 1299,-
  • Dockingstation $  200,-
  • Cover          $  120,-
  • Total:         $ 1619,- (in euro: € 1187,-)

Buying it in the states will save you € 452,- That is almost the price of a two way ticket to get it yourself and have a nice city trip.

Have fun with the Microsoft Surface 3 Pro!

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